Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Presser Cooker Roast Beef

23 years ago when I married my second husband I received an aluminum PRESTO pressure cooker for a shower gift. Mom knew how much I enjoyed the pressure cooked venison roasts that we all ate since dad is a hunter. Still and all I didn't use the pressure cooker very often at first.
Of course I have a hard time getting a hold of a venison roast so I buy the typical beef roast in the grocery store. In the beginning I used to buy a good cut of beef. It was a thick rolled roast. I kept buying those expensive cuts of beef, but my husband said they were too tough when I roasted them in the oven like HIS mother used to do. So I dragged out my aluminum pressure cooker and started using it faithfully when I cooked a roast, yet I frowned upon the prices of the beef. Along the way I switched to London Broil for roast beef. It had very little fat and it cooked up nice and tender in the pressure cooker, but it was so dry. Recently I bought a nice thick CHUCK ROAST, and it was nice and tender and juicer than any other cut of beef I used for roast beef. A few weeks ago WEIS had BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, so I did!
A short time ago I browned the beef in olive oil in the pressure cooker before adding 2 cans of beef broth and plenty of onion powder, some garlic powder, salt and pepper. It just came up to steam so i turned it down to a lower flame and it has to cook for one hour! As soon as it's done I will place the cooker under cold running water to bring down the pressure so I can open the lid. Then I will remove the beef, and add 2 pounds of carrots cut into sticks to the broth and replace the lid and bring the pressure cooker back up to steam and cook them for a mere 4 minutes. Then I will again bring the pressure down under cold running water and remove the lid and I will remove all the carrot sticks and make a nice gravy and some instant mashed potatoes... INSTANT POTATOES?! Yes I do use them when I run out of fresh ones for mashed potatoes to go with the gravy.
Of course I MUST remove all visible fat from the meat or my husband won't eat it.. SHEESH! He's a grown man and he can do it himself, right? True, but I just wanna shut him up before he starts whining.. : (

Pressure cookers make a very flavorful gravy because it condenses the broth you make it with. I added 1 cup of sieved flour/water to make my gravy and it was superb- delicious!

NOTE: About 10 years ago I had to buy myself a new pressure cooker because the handles broke off the old aluminum one. This time I bought a $79.00 PRESTO PRIDE stainless steel pressure cooker with short side handles that most likely won't break off.

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