Friday, June 15, 2012

Pumpernickel Flour? What the heck is that?

Yes, I'm still making Sourdough breads. I usually make a Rye Sour or Sponge made with raw onions, but next time I'm making a Milwaukee Sourdough Rye, no onions in the sponge. I have plenty of Rye bread in the freezer, but I'm itching to try that "Pumpernickel" flour Mom picked up for me at the local Co-Op grocer. The store owner suggested Mom buy that since she was out of rye flour. I was NOT a happy baker when I saw that flour which is lighter in color than the rye. I imagine she added bread flour to the "pumpernickel flour" You see in my Bread Cookbook there's no such thing as "Pumpernickel flour" You just use Rye flour and add Cocoa powder and the typical rye bread ingredients. (Personally I doubt if the Russian peasants added expensive and heard to find cocoa to their pumpernickel bread). In fact I'm not a fan of that bread. I like seeded Rye. The flour wasn't too expensive- not quite $5.00, but I feel like I should use it.. and not waste it. But I really wanted the Dark Rye flour I asked mom to pick up, which was the same price by the way. I was thrilled to get 3 OZ of caraway seeds for a mere $1.50! (Can you believe that price!?) I was thrilled.

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