Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Superior Bread Puddings (TAC)

One and one-half cupfuls of white sugar; two cupfuls of fine, dry bread crumbs, five eggs, one tablespoonful of butter, vanilla, rose water or lemon flavoring, one quart of fresh, rich milk, and one half a cupful of jelly or jam.  Rub the butter into a cupful of sugar; beat the yolks very light, and stir these together to a cream.  The bread-crumbs soaked in milk come next, then the flavoring. Bake in a buttered pudding dish- int  a large one, and but two thirds full- until the custard is "set."  Draw to the mouth of the oven, spread over with jam or other nice fruit conserve. Cover this with meringue made of the whipped whites and half a cupful of sugar.  Shut the oven, and bake until the meringue begins to color. Eat cold, with cream. In strawberry season, substitute a pint of fresh fruit for preserves. It is delicious. Serve with any warm sauce.

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