Friday, May 13, 2011

That Buttermilk Wedding Cake

I want to make that wedding cake into cupcakes very soon! I forgot to buy buttermilk and cake flour, although I can make my own cake flour by mixing all purpose flour with cornstarch. I also need some baking powder, butter and almond extract. Gee.. that's at least another 10 bucks! Sheesh!


  1. Do you remember the story of the "Little Red Hen?"
    She made a cake, all the while she invited her friends to help her, but they wouldn't - EXCEPT, when the cake was finished and ready to enjoy. That's when everyone showed up, expecting to enjoy the festivities.

    Me, I wish i lived close enough to go shopping, to help wash the dishes afterwards . . and see your smiling face.

    by the way - it sounds yummy . . .

    love & love

  2. I hate to say this but I actually prefer the texture of a store bought cake mix.. But the raw batter was delicious.