Saturday, June 23, 2012

My PRESTO Pressure Cooker

I grew up watching my mother use a pressure cooker. She would make venison roasts quite often in one, plus beef cubes and gravy and even beef stew. So when I got married the first time in 1979 I requested mom get me a pressure cooker for a wedding shower gift. It was a PRESTO brand aluminum pot with a long handle on the side of the lid and the pot that had to lined up in order to seal the pot correctly. That pot lasted me a good 23 years when the plastic handle broke off the lid. I was disgusted with the design anyway so shortly after that time I bought myself a stainless steel Presto PRIDE Pressure cooker in 2003.  It has two short rounded handles on each side of the pot and lid.  and after 9 years I'm still pleased with it. I just used it today to cook some venison, a roast and a steak. I only cooked it 40 minutes and it seems tender enough but another 10 minutes wouldn't have hurt. After the meat was cooked I removed it from the pot and added more chicken soup base and some peeled carrot sticks which I brought up to steam and cooked a mere 4 minutes to cook them tender and infuse them with venison juices. Then I removed them from the pot and made gravy by adding flour water poured through a small sieve to catch any lumps before I quickly stirred the gravy with a whisk. It seemed too thick so I added more water as I whisked it. Now all I need are some instant mashed potatoes and I have a meal.. LOL

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