Sunday, June 17, 2012

Grape Pie (TAC)

Did you ever hear of such a thing as Grape Pie? Boy do I love The American Cookbook. Here's the recipe:

Pop the pulps out of the skins into one dish, and put the skins into another. Then simmer the pulp a little over the fire to soften it; remove it and rub through a colander to separate the seeds. Then put the skins and pulp together and they are ready for pies or for canning or putting in jugs for further use. Fine for pies.

NOTE: What do you think? How would we go about making a pie with the pulp and skins? Cook it with sugar, flour and lemon juice? Or cook it with sugar and cornstarch? It sounds very interesting. Since we have seedless grapes now should we still separate the pulp from the skin, then cook it and puree it? Hmm

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