Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Venison Stew

I'm so grateful that I live in NEPA, and a few of my brother-in-laws hunt every year. My sister gave our father a venison roast and asked me to cook it for him since I only work part-time. So finally a month later I thawed it out and made a stew with it using my trusty pressure cooker.  I grew up watching mom cook meals in her pressure cooker, so I'm not afraid of them like my one sister is. (Where did her fear come from anyway? Mom's pressure cooker never blew up!) I'm on my second Presto Pressure Cooker by the way
I first removed all the silver skin from the meat then cut it in small cubes under an inch square. I browned the venison well in oil in the pressure cooker, like mom always did. Then I cooked it in the pressure cooker on low setting for 20 minutes along with Better Than Bouillon Beef base and water a cup of onions and 1/2 cup of celery.
Then I brought down the pressure under cold running water to open the lid and added 4 large carrots cut in chunks and 4 large potatoes cut in roughly the same size. Then I cooked them in the pressure cooker under low pressure for 5 minutes (4 minutes would have been better), before thickening the broth with oil-rue instead of butter rue or flour and water. I also added salt, pepper and SEASON ALL to flavor it up. I hope mom approved (in Heaven)

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