Thursday, December 9, 2010

ON-COR Classics Chicken Parmagiana

I was grocery shopping on a limited budget yet again and I needed an inexpensive quick supper to prepare and serve when I got home. Well the grocery store had these Family Size ON-COR Classics Breaded Chicken Parmigiana (6 patties) with Tomato Sauce on sale 2 for $5.00. So I bought them! It took 20 minutes to cook them in the microwave. For a side dish I had to add some Whole Grain pasta I already had on hand and about one extra cup of Meat Spaghetti Sauce I had on hand (I sieved it to remove the hamburger). My son wanted his two chicken patties on hamburger buns I had in the freezer. So I admit, it was an incomplete meal- no veggies or salad but it filled us up. I made myself regular angel hair pasta because of my IBS-C and I had a piece of bread with margarine with my suace covered pasta and chicken patty, and it was a nice light meal. I already had pureed vegetable soup for lunch so I don't feel too bad about the veggie free supper.


  1. Hey, Im trying to cook more. I usually leave it to the hubby, but if u have some tofu recipes please post. My kids love Tofu.

    Steph from

  2. Sorry I have no Tofu recipes! I Just don't like it!