Friday, November 5, 2010

Apple Pies for the Church Dinner Tomorrow

Every year I make pies for the church's Thanksgiving type dinner in November. It's not like I go to the Methodist church I was raised in- (much to my parent's disappointment), but I still bake for all their church dinners. I live in a very small town of 95o or so residents, and I'm kinda famous for my pies. I can't help it.. I use Aunt Annie's pie crust recipe and her method for making it so it's very flaky! Here's Aunt Annie's pie dough recipe:


2 Cups Flour (I use unbleached all purpose)

3/4 Cup Crisco

1 tsp Salt

6-7 TB Ice water (loosely) I like a wet dough and may add more.

Aunt Annie always instructed me to stir in the salt to the flour and then add half the Crisco to the flour and rub it between your fingers until you can barley tell it's there. Then add the remaining Crisco and again rub between the fingers until it forms pea sized clumps. The ice water and TOSS loosely then check for wetness.. if it seems too crumbly add a few more Tb water. Then I run my fingers through the mass to see how wet and pasty it looks. Then I divide into two equal balls and place on plastic wrap THEN fold one side over and flatten into a nice disc. After that I wrap up the rest and form solid edges on the discs. Then I refrigerate for at least an hour before I roll out. Of course I have to have the filling prepared before rolling out the dough.

NOTE I usually end up making large 10" pies so I use this recipe I created for Aunt Annie's:


3 Cups Flour

1 slightly rounded tsp salt

1 Cup Crisco plus 2 TB

3/4 Cup Ice water (approx.)

Prepare the same way. And make sure you make some nice Pie dough cookies with the left over dough.


Take a ball of left over pie dough and roll out to a thin rectangular shape. Spread some soft margarine or butter on top and sprinkle liberally with very strong cinnamon sugar then roll up and cut like you do cinnamon rolls and place cut side down on a well greased glass dish and bake about 25 minutes or so until the center is baked.

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