Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Custard Ice-Cream (TAC)

Sweeten one quart of cream or rich milk with half a pound of sugar, and flavor to taste; put it over the fire in a  farina-kettle; as soon as it begins to boil, stir into a tablespoonful of cornstarch or rice flour which has been previously mixed smooth with a little milk; after it has boiled a few minutes, take it off the fire and stir in very gradually six eggs which have been beaten until thick; when quite cold freeze it as ice-cream.

NOTE:  I would temper my beaten eggs with some of the hot liquid before pouring them into the custard. Other ice cream recipes in this book have one pound of sugar to 1 quart of cream. Should we add the same amount?

NOTE:  A Farina Kettle is a Double-Boiler

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