Friday, July 6, 2012

Methelin or Honey Wine (TAC)

   This is a very ancient and popular drink in the north of Europe.  To some new honey, strained, add spring water; put a whole egg into it; boil this liquor till the egg swims above the liquor; strain, pour it in a cask.  To every fifteen gallons add two ounces of white Jamaica Ginger, bruised, one ounce of cloves and mace, one and a half ounces of cinnamon, all bruised together, and tied up in a muslin bag; accelerate the fermentation with yeast; when worked sufficiently, bung up in six weeks draw off into bottles.
   Another Mead.-- Boil the combs, from which the honey has been drained, with sufficient water to make a tolerably sweet liquor; ferment this with yeast, and proceed as per previous formula.
   Sack Mead is made by adding a handful of hops and sufficient brandy to the comb liquor.

NOTE: I can't imagine making this recipe even 1/15th or a gallon of it for a trial run without knowing the amount of honey and yeast.

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