Thursday, September 23, 2010

Swedish Pancakes for Breakfast

I was watching DINERS, DRIVE INS and DIVES last night and Guy visits this cool Swedish, Danish, Netherlander restaurant. The first thing the owner made was SWEDISH PANCAKES. I make Swedish pancakes about 4 times a year.. I LOVE them. IN high school we made French Crepes and I thought they were so primo I got one of those Teflon coated crepe pans for Christmas that year. You know the kind where you dip the hot pan in a pie plate full of batter? Needless to say I tired of that cooking method quickly. By the time I was married 3 years later I was using a Teflon coated skillet for crepes. My love for crepes has not lessened at all over the 3 decades.. (I graduated in 1976). Nope I still love crepes but I found a Swedish Pancake recipe about 10 years ago that I love even more, and because they are a thicker pancake they are less likely to rip when flipping! There is more flour in a Swedish pancake recipe, otherwise the two recipes are the same: Milk, eggs, flour and a fat. Except I use canola oil instead of butter in the recipe for health reasons.I add vanilla too once in a while. I got this recipe off the internet last night that’s very similar to the one I have been using even down to the canola oil. Of course I only make half a recipe for myself.


2 Cups Milk

4 Eggs

2 Tb Canola Oil

1 and 1/2 Cups Flour

3 TB Sugar

1/4 tsp Salt

Mix all ingredients in a blender until smooth. Then cook 1/4 Cup in an oil sprayed 8 inch skillet. Spray skillet between each pancake and swirl batter to cover bottom and edge of pan. Turn when lacy brown.

NOTE: I fill with warm strawberry freezer jam.

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