Saturday, February 23, 2013

Yogurt Update

Here's a photo of the thickened yogurt.. see all the bubbles on top?

I made yogurt last night/this morning. I wanted to make organic yogurt using organic whole milk, but it costs twice as much as store brand so I didn't since I'm on a rather tight budget. I poured the milk in to the 4.5 qt crock pot and left it alone for 2 hours before measuring the temperature. It was only 150 degrees with the candy thermometer, so I replaced the lid went to watch the repeat Ancient Aliens since a new show was coming on in an hour later. Unfortunately I kept dozing off and when I woke up another 2 hours had passed. The milk had a thick skin on top and a ring around the pot, so I turned it off and removed the skin, hoping the milk didn't actually boil around the edges., and let it cool down for a half hour. It was still too hot to add the one cup of yogurt I set aside from the last batch. So I decided to pour the scalded milk into a glass bowl and promptly cleaned the crock out! It needed lots of scrubbing! Then I dried it and poured the hot milk back in, by then it was a nice warm temperature so I whisked in the yogurt. I wasn't sure it would work since I'm quite sure the milk was much hotter than the last time made some. I draped two thick towels over the pot and went to bed, then I woke up this morning to a nice crock pot of thickened yogurt. It's nice and tangy too! 

Mom gave me a few cups of Blueberry Sauce she made from thawed frozen blueberries for the pancake supper at the church last Tuesday to put in my servings of yogurt, but the blueberries weren't as tender as the wild huckleberry sauce she made before, so I chopped up the sauce in my food chopper. The yogurt is so sour I admit to adding a rounded spoonful of sugar to each 6 OZ serving along with the cornstarch and sugar thickened blueberry sauce.

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