Saturday, February 23, 2013

Out of Gas..

I ran out of gas/propane for my stove about 6 months ago and have lived without my stove and oven.. was it hard? No.. I have a large toaster/convection oven and I make baked chicken nuggets, baked salmon cakes, mini meatloaves, garlic roasted potatoes, roasted cubed sweet potatoes, and small 8" X 8" coffee cakes in it.
I use mom and dad's oven to bake bread and I often bake 4 loaves of oatmeal bread at a time and give my parents 2 loaves since I use their oven. Why do I bake 4 loaves at a time? Whether I bake one loaf or 4 loaves it takes the same amount of gas, that's why.. why waste the fuel that way? I also have an electric single burner I use and I must admit I crock pot all the time.. at least twice a week. I make a lot of soup, chili, roasts, General Tso's Chicken, yogurt.. I've discovered all kinds of food I can make in a crock that I never dreamed of making in the past!

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